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Food Freedom Foundation is committed to building an inclusive food system that is fair to farmers and consumers.

Our Story

Food Freedom Foundation was formed in December 2015 in an effort to contribute to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Foundation Fund. As a a lobbying and education organization (501(c)4), the Fund is unable to accept tax deductible donations (501(c)3). Initially, Food Freedom Foundation was created to accept donations on behalf of the fund. Our organization has since evolved to provide support and education to small farmers, artisan producers, and consumers.

Our Values

We are committed to defending the rights of sustainable family farms and artisan food producers while upholding our core values:

  • Fairness to Farmers and Consumers
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Humane Treatment of Animals
  • Direct to Consumer Access
  • Promoting an independent food ecosystem

Our team

Kay Craig
Board Treasurer
Said Abdallah
Board Member

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Great things can be accomplished when we work together. The success of our efforts are reliant on community involvement, grassroots support, and passionate donors. Just like seeds in the ground, the donation you make today will help us secure the future of small and artisanal farming operations.


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Food Freedom Foundation
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